Is there a connection between Anonymous and Occupy?

So, now that we already know what the Occupy movement is and what its motives are, we can look into more about what it really does and who it really works with. Occupy has become an umbrella organization for protests with common goals. It has decentralized and works through many different groups and locations. Is one of these groups Anonymous? Well, maybe.

Anonymous is a self-defined “hacktivist” group composed of elite computer hackers from around the world with the common goal of bringing down corruption within corporations and government and empowering citizens. Their slogan, proudly stated on their Twitter, is, “We are Anonymous. We are legion. We never forgive. We never forget. Expect us.”

Sounds intimidating, right? It demands respect and promises consequences if it’s not given. However, Anonymous hasn’t quite lived up to its slogan, recently. Many of its projects have fallen through, some of its members have been arrested, and though projects are always in the works, the organization seems to be more talk than action.

However, that’s not to say that all hope is lost. Anonymous is to be respected for organizing and attempting to do what most of us do not have the skill or bravery to do. But are they involved with Occupy? They certainly support its mission, and Anonymous members have been known to attend rallies and general assemblies.

They use a Guy Fawkes mask as one of their mascots, though the masks have been adopted by Occupy and most other movements, as well.
Photo by anroir on Flickr.

However, Anonymous does not explicitly work with Occupy to help Occupy achieve its goals or visa versa. The organizations support each other and share many similarities, perhaps not coincidentally. (For instance, Occupy Chicago just tweeted, “The difference between an occupation and a protest is that a protest ends. We are here to stay. We will resist. We will evolve. #ExpectUs” Sound a little familiar?)

Anonymous does have organization, and an explicit purpose. Now, implementation is key.



  1. Young Yogini

    I believe that the symbolization in being an anonymous group is very powerful. Do you think that since Occupy has no profound leader that it says more for the message of this movement?

    • Meredith

      I think it definitely says more for the movement’s message. It isn’t about leaders, as exemplified by the “99%” in solidarity. However, I personally believe that the movement could use much more leadership and organization to achieve the goals it wants to achieve. In acting as an umbrella organization, the movement spreads itself pretty thin.

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