How can the average person get involved with Occupy?

After seeing what Occupy does, why it exists and where it’s at as a movement right now, if your interest is peaked, there are many different ways to get involved that can require as much or as little effort as you choose.

Most cities’ movements have various meetings at different times of the week, and these local movements are often subdivided into even smaller neighborhood, college, or organizational movements. As an example, Occupy Chicago has general assembly meetings every Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Congress and Michigan. These meetings are in open, public space and are generally quick and small in numbers of attendance. However, newcomers should not be deterred. Occupiers appreciate any genuine help and interest they can get from any members of the 99%. At these meetings, talking is not necessary if you do not have any ideas to share. You can simply listen to general announcements and soap boxes to get a feel for what is going on within the movement.

More information on general assembly procedure can be found here.

An example of a general assembly from last year.

Additionally, Occupy Chicago holds committee meetings increasingly during weekdays. The Direct Action Committee is meeting tomorrow at 8 p.m. at Congress and Michigan (to discuss O15, which I will blog about next, yay!). This committee’s purpose is to formulate specific plans for the movement on days of organized protest and moving forward, in general. You don’t have to be an established committee member to attend the meeting. In fact, because of members’ fluctuating schedules and other factors, committee members change quite often and are not thoroughly kept track of.

On Saturdays, Occupy Chicago holds general assemblies in different neighborhoods around Chicago. This allows people who would not normally be able to attend Wednesday assemblies in the Loop to have a chance to participate in the movement. Plus, if your neighborhood has its own movement (Occupy Rogers Park, Occupy el Barrio, etc.), those organizations have their own meeting times and places.

If physical meetings aren’t possible for you, it is very possible to be active within the Occupy movement virtually through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This allows for a more national and global outreach, as well.


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