Occupy Sandy

“Sandy’s occupying Wall Street now,” is a comment I noticed on Facebook the other day. Maybe there is some truth to that statment, amidst the dark humor, but there are also goodhearted people of Occupy Wall Street still making a presence and putting forth effort to aid victims of the hurricane. This mission, called Occupy Sandy Relief, is composed of members of Occupy Wall Street, 350.org, recovers.org and interoccupy.net and is dedicated to neighborhood resource distribution and aid implementation for those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Lower East Side during Hurricane Sandy. Picture from Twitter.

So far, the coalition has established a social media presence, a mobile update system and collected and distributed supplies to various areas of New York City, with distribution and collection hubs in many neighborhoods. Occupy Sandy still needs blankets, candles, flashlights, lights, water, food, batteries, diapers and wipes, gloves and masks, rubber boots, shovels, cleaning supplies and bleach, trash bags, serving dishes and utensils, heaters and winter clothing, not to mention volunteers.

Some people have offered up their homes as charging stations for those who have lost electricity and need to charge their cell phones.

Seeing members of the Occupy movement unite together like this for the greater good of the public is amazing. In doing so, they are hopefully gaining the respect and support of members of the 99% who would not normally take notice or give credit to Occupy. Occupy Sandy is a very focused coalition, and the work it is doing is thorough and effective. Its diplomacy is gaining media attention and helping those who are truly in need. While New York City may be more focused on rebuilidng itself and giving shelter and medical aid to its citizens in need, sometimes supplies fall by the wayside. Organizations and efforts like these make up for that need and give citizens hope.

P.S. I guess I got put in my place from my last post… @OccupyWallStreet tweeted, “All those journalists who said that Occupy was disorganized are looking pretty silly right now. #sandy”



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